World Tour of Fabrice

22 août 2007

First traject

Yesterday i'm using my world map under the eyes, I traced into visual my ideal way for world tpir, and even if at the bottom it's would annoy me, until the return in France. Temporary this way because mine of nothing I do not only travel for a first part of this turn, and we will discuss it with my travelling companion to decide final route together. With regard to my layout, it is a truth turn of the sphere, with certainly of the allé/retour in certain countries. On the whole I counted 97 crossed countries including 79 different and to my knowledge, for the moment, I would need 74 visas. It is thus a priori complete and in the order.

1 (1) FRANCE*
2 (2) ITALIE*
4 (4) HONGRIE*
6 (6) UKRAINE*
7 (7) RUSSIE
8 (8) MONGOLIE (maybe)
9 (9) CHINE
10 (10) INDE
12 (11) INDE
13 (12) BIRMANIE
15 (14) CAMBODGE
16 (15) VIET-NAM
17 (15) CHINE
18 (16) COREE (NORD - SUD)
19 (17) JAPON (if possible)
20 (18) ETATS-UNIS
21 (19) MEXIQUE
23 (21) HONDURAS
25 (23) COSTA RICA
26 (24) PANAMA
27 (25) COLOMBIE
28 (26) PEROU
29 (27) BOLIVIE
30 (28) CHILI
32 (30) URUGUAY
33 (31) BRESIL
34 (32) GUYANE
35 (33) SURINAME (maybe)
37 (34) COLOMBIE
38 (34) PANAMA
39 (34) COSTA RICA
41 (34) HONDURAS
43 (34) MEXIQUE
44 (34) ETATS-UNIS
45 (35) CANADA (if possible)
46 (36) IRLANDE (if possible)*
47 (37) ANGLETERRE (if possible)*
48 (37) FRANCE*
49 (38) BELGIQUE*
50 (39) PAYS-BAS*
51 (40) ALLEMAGNE*
52 (41) DANEMARK*
53 (42) SUEDE*
54 (43) NORVEGE (maybe)
55 (43) DANEMARK*
56 (43) ALLEMAGNE*
58 (44) AUTRICHE*
59 (45) SUISSE / ITALIE (as possibilities)*
60 (45) FRANCE*
61 (46) ESPAGNE*
62 (47) MAROC
63 (48) ALGERIE
65 (50) SENEGAL
66 (51) GUINEE
68 (53) GHANA
69 (54) TOGO
70 (55) BENIN
71 (56) NIGERIA
72 (57) CAMEROUN
73 (58) GABON
74 (59) CONGO
75 (59) CONGO (bis)
76 (60) ANGOLA
77 (61) NAMIBIE
79 (63) ZIMBABWE
81 (65) TANZANIE
82 (66) KENYA
83 (67) ETHIOPIE
84 (68) SOUDAN
85 (69) EGYPTE
86 (70) ISRAEL
88 (72) TURQUIE*
89 (73) GRECE*
91 (75) BULGARIE
92 (76) SERBIE
94 (78) CROATIE
95 (79) SLOVENIE
96 (79) ITALIE*
97 (79) FRANCE*

The asterisks thus correspond to the countries which do not need visa to my knowledge.
The numbers between brackets are the number of different countries.
I did not note Australia there because I do not have any idea of the means of that point reaching for the moment while knowing that it is quite complicated to re-enter there... But if there is possibility well-sure, I will go just after having made first once Thailand!

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08 août 2007

Why this project

Here are some explanations on what made that I want to make this turn of the world to foot, without means.

At origin, I wanted appreciably to make a tour of the United States, through films it is something which always did me desire, but I attention had never lent more to it than that. With do the wire of time and events in my life, having the feeling to have badly begun it and of me to annoy there, I decide little by little to envisage this turn, but why limit me to the United States? Fascinated by the culture, the traditions, the landscapes and the Chinese style, I thus decide to make a turn there. A world tour thus seems to me a very good idea, there are so much things to see, that even a life will not be enough for see all! What thus justified me be to do it in camp-site bus. I saw itself there already, I thought all the prospects that offered to me: a constant roof on the head, a certain comfort compared with other means of transport, why not take an Internet access by satellite to me to hold regularly up to date a site concerning my travel?! This idea like good well at first sight, I take my phone, calls the insurance for the first information. Very quickly It's not ok with the idea of this means of transport, seeing the first great disadvantage. My interlocutress informs me that I am ensured for all the countries registered the back of the card certe of my insurance, and for the others it will thus be necessary to take in more of my current insurance, a specific insurance to each country! What wants to thus say an already considerable budget only to the level of the insurance... In there reflective thus a little more, I thus see other disadvantages with this type of voyage: the price of investment in the camp-site bus and the preparation for this turn of the world, to envisage enough spare parts in the event of repair, which would take much place... to always know perfectly the engine in the event of breakdown and/or of repair, if I break down in the medium from nowhere without anybody nor pump to hundreds kilometers, I would have the malignant air... Then finally, it is not at all ecological. Thus all these joined together elements I give up the business for the moment...

A little later (a few days) I always speak about my desire for making this turn of the world, and in the conversation, my uncle says to me to laugh "make with horse", and it is an idea that I actually retained, more especially as the day before I read on Internet an article of a type which had actually done it with horse... Similar I starts to let some small search to know on the left on the right how that would be realizable. During one moment all goes well, not bad surprise, the idea enchants me largely, I start to build the project more precisely. After some recoveries of useful information, one directs me towards a specialized administration where I goes. There one informs me that the horse will have obligatorily to be placed in quarantine with chaques inputs country, to pass a medical check-up to chaques outputs of country.  Already Ca enormously slowed down the rate/rhythm of voyage, then it's always represents increasingly enormous expenses. Then malgrès this information constraining I continue to inform me per here by there about this means of transport, which is nevertheless much more ecologist, and other disadvantages emerge: it is rather rare nowadays to find a marshal ferrand, qualified who more is, then for a horse not to exhaust it with long it is necessary to go to side 3/4 times!

Thus leave to go the 3/4 of time, in this case why not go all the time?! The difference is not enormous, I am less cumbersome and visible, I do not need to quarantine to me, I would have only ego to trouble me, level health also. I like the idea, ecologist y' does not have better, I could ren more more easily be accepted here and there, to pass by innaccessibles places to a horse etc... The déscision is taken, I go there to foot! Then even level budget, it's changes radically... From the point of view of my financial standing also in this current country Ca gives me a reason of more than leave without budget for the voyage, the project of présise more and more... I think of it, reconsider still and still and find a multitude of reasons and motivations for this type of voyage, and still today of days in days I acquire more and more motivation, reasons to leave and discover the world.

I have the impression nothing to make while remaining there, to annoy me, not to live. My life is on the roads, in nature, through our blue planet, and it is at this time there that I would discover what is really the life, through the people and the places which I will meet.

I starts from a principle, a sentence of me: "The world don't have borders, the Earth is my house". I am in a hurry to be able more precisely to begin this travel, the departure is scheduled for November 2007...

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Creation of a project

Hello, here is this evening I finally created my travel's blog in english, which will allow to me as often as possible to hold you of my situation, trying to reassure you that I am always there, making you share the maximum of my experiments, although the best means of having an idea it is of the food! My goal being thus to come most regularly as possible, but that will especially depend to find a connection Internet where I pass...

My project? Simply is to make the turn of our beautiful planet, and this with foot, by my own means. I would say some to you more in my next tickets.

See you soon !

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